How it started

It started in 2003 whilst living on a farm in Africa. We had an Australian client, from our technical recruitment business, staying with us one weekend. He asked if we could dowse – we couldn’t; so he showed us how to bend fencing wire and make ‘L’ rods – on reflection they were much longer than the rods I use now – I wish I had kept them, for nostalgia! With these homemade rods we were able to find the separate trenches that buried the water, telephone cable and power cables, as verified by our farmhand, who had dug them all. We were also able to find lines where the rods crossed when we asked for water. Dowsing is about asking the right question! We were able to find the site of blockages in our soak-away drain from the shower – which saved a lot of unnecessary digging! I found the cause of the loss of water from the swimming pool; the water was running out the inflow pipe when the pool pump was not running. I found I could dowse the direction of the flow of the water, which was in the wrong direction. Diagnosing direction of flow was to become more important in later years.
Linda Prenter (Water Diviner and Dowser)

My Career Background

BSc (hons) obtained from the Open University - Work experience in: Accounting, Audit, Training, Technical Recruitment and IT Testing & Training, Business Change and Dowsing

My blog

Dowsing Projects for the Future – Shipwrecks!

I’m interested in dowsing for shipwrecks – it would be an extension of the map dowsing that I do for land based things – perhaps it should be called Chart […]

What I can help you with…

Dowsing seems to work best where there is a real need. I have dowsed to find borehole sites, alleviate Geopathic Stress, find pipes/drains (especially leaking ones), find sites of long […]

How I became involved in Dowsing

Over the years I visited a crystal shop in South Africa, run by a lovely couple of ex-pat Brits. I believe that others can feel the energies of crystals, but […]


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